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Ndarasi Safari is an agency with Maasai essence.

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Ndarasi Safari is an agency with a Maasai essence. Our roots are Maasais, and that is why our name is also. Ndarasi means “forever” in the Maa language.
We want to bring this culture to our travelers, from curiosity and respect.

We try to do it in various ways, offering experiences that bring travelers closer to the style of living in this community in the least tourist way possible.

We offer you the opportunity to know an authentic Maasai village.

Far from the tourist concept, this experience is designed to share, to learn, to permeate the authentic Maasai life.

Thanks to the hospitality of the Maasai community of Losimingori (with which we have an extraordinary bond), we can visit or camp and spend a night with them.
Silence and peace upon waking, children running around and playing, men and women taking out or picking up animals.

It is an experience to do in small groups since we do not want to alter the life of the community, and we do not want to lose the essence for the traveler.

Our Mesiakini project is born from our link with the Losimingori community. It is a non-profit project to promote education and other basic needs of the Masai population of that area. With this experience, you can also visit the project.

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