Who we are

In Ndarasi we are a local agency with local guides.

local guides

We believe in a service that is not only beneficial for the customer, but also that generates quality employment for Tanzanian people.
We want to form an excellent team of local people, give opportunities to young people, training and spreading the will to do a good job.
Currently, in Tanzania, there is a severe problem with the exploitation of workers, who earn miserable wages. Ndarasi believes in the “fair price” for everyone, of course, we offer a good value, but considering a decent salary for our team.

unique experiences

We design authentic experiences so you can get to know the nature and culture of Tanzania from its people.
You can enjoy your adventure in English, Spanish or German.
We believe in responsible tourism. Both for the environment and at social impact level.
So much is our involvement at the social level that we have our NGO “Mesiakini” that works to improve the daily reality of the Losimingori Maasai community.

your own adventure

In Ndarasi we help you plan your trip per your budget, which days you want to travel and, of course, your interests.

have you any doubt? we advise you

For any questions or suggestions, contact us :)

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