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The Mesiakini association works with Losimingori Maasai community, in northern Tanzania.

Losimingori is an area located between the city of Arusha and the vast natural parks of Tarangire and Manyara (safari zone).

During most of the year, it is a dry zone, except between February and April, which is the rainy season.

The Maasai community lives in an area where access to water and essential services such as health and education is difficult.

There are a small clinic and an elementary school that are insufficient to serve everyone in the right conditions.

Mesiakini is the result of a coincidence. A year and a half ago, three people (Goel of Tanzania, Ana of Asturias and I “Elena”) decided to expand a small Maasai school for boys and girls from 3 to 5 years old. There was only one small classroom for 80 boys and girls. We did not belong to any association, we simply embarked on the adventure of getting the money and monitoring the construction. We finished it last Christmas.

Now they have two classrooms with tables and chairs for everyone, also for teachers who had nothing before.
It has not been easy, we have faced some difficulties, but with effort and enthusiasm, many things can be achieved.
After this year and a half, Godphrey and I (Elena), we want to continue working, not only with the school but with the Maasai community in general.
That is why we founded the Mesiakini association (which was just born a couple of months ago). We are very excited and eager to work.

immediate objectives


The endowment of school supplies

Notebooks, pencils, rubbers, colors, stories, and books … This material is easier to buy there than not to transport it from here.

Construction of two toilets for boys and girls

There are currently two latrines, but they don’t work well.

Construction of a dining room

Children eat breakfast and eat at school. We want to build an open dining room. It is a very typical construction there. It is a roof with an iron structure and cement floor (pergola type). It protects them from sun and rain, but they are not closed. We would like it to be a nice place that adults could also use when they should meet.

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