We design unique experiences for a unique vacation.

who we are

Ndarasi Safari designs authentic experiences, so you can get to know the culture of Tanzania at the hands of local people.

We offer cultural activities and also contact with nature.

maasai culture

Get to know the Maasai culture closely. Enjoy knowing this culture by the hand of Ndarasi Safari.


We tell you how to do Trekking in Tanzania and the most common routes.

design your safari

We propose 4 packs of Safari so you can see the maximum in each of them. Now, we also make custom Safaris, according to your needs and what you want to do.

other experiences

Do you want more? We propose activities in addition to the safari itself and trekking. You will not get bored!



See all photos of our Ndarasi travelers, your photos will also appear in this section!

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